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Derek Siddon

Professional Musician, Music

Hi, I'm Derek Siddon, Professional Trumpet Player

Derek Siddon's Bio:

Derek Siddon is a professional musician working on the north coast of NSW Australia. Derek Siddon is the author of Time To Improvise an online Jazz Improvisation Book that teaches young musicians to start improvising on their instruments. Check out the youtube clip . Derek Siddon works with several professional bands on the north coast of Australia. His new project is a Neo Swing 7 piece band titled Seven Deadly Swings  Have a look at my new band The Well Swung Daddied. We perform at clubs and festivale around Brisbane and the Gold coast Australia.  

Derek Siddon's Experience:

  • Professional Musician and Author at Time To Improvise

    Derek Siddon is a professional Trumpet player, recording and performing in with many bands on the north coast of NSW Australia. Including The Northern Rivers Big Band, The Well Swung Daddies and the Muddy Road Band. Derek is the author of Time To Improvise "Take the First Step" and is currently working on Time to improvise "Make the Change".

Derek Siddon's Education:

  • Canberra School of Music ANU

    Bachelor of Advanced Jazz Studies
    Concentration: Jazz Studies
    Activities: Performance, Jazz Theory, Recording and Jazz History
  • University of Canberra

    Bachelor of Education
    Concentration: Music and Physical Education
    Activities: Music performance, Secondary Education

Derek Siddon's Interests & Activities:

Jazz, Big Band music, Trumpet technique, High Playing development on the trumpet, Jazz lick development, Educational book writing, Advanced Improvisation techniques and Jazz phrasing development. I also like tennis. Check out my new bands : Seven Deadly Swings, and The Well Swung Daddies on youtube.

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